TensorFlow with user friendly Graphical Framework for object detection API

by   Heemoon Yoon, et al.

TensorFlow is an open-source framework for deep learning dataflow and contains application programming interfaces (APIs) of voice analysis, natural language process, and computer vision. Especially, TensorFlow object detection API in computer vision field has been widely applied to technologies of agriculture, engineering, and medicine but barriers to entry of the framework usage is still high through command-line interface (CLI) and code for amateurs and beginners of information technology (IT) field. Therefore, this is aim to develop an user friendly Graphical Framework for object detection API on TensorFlow which is called TensorFlow Graphical Framework (TF-GraF). The TF-GraF provides independent virtual environments according to user accounts in server-side, additionally, execution of data preprocessing, training, and evaluation without CLI in client-side. Furthermore, hyperparameter setting, real-time observation of training process, object visualization of test images, and metrics evaluations of test data can also be operated via TF-GraF. Especially, TF-GraF supports flexible model selection of SSD, Faster-RCNN, RFCN, and Mask-RCNN including convolutional neural networks (inceptions and ResNets) through GUI environment. Consequently, TF-GraF allows anyone, even without any previous knowledge of deep learning frameworks, to design, train and deploy machine intelligence models without coding. Since TF-GraF takes care of setting and configuration, it allows anyone to use deep learning technology for their project without spending time to install complex software and environment.



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