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Transformers in Medical Imaging: A Survey

Following unprecedented success on the natural language tasks, Transform...

AiTLAS: Artificial Intelligence Toolbox for Earth Observation

The AiTLAS toolbox (Artificial Intelligence Toolbox for Earth Observatio...

Personality Type Based on Myers-Briggs Type Indicator with Text Posting Style by using Traditional and Deep Learning

The term personality may be expressed in terms of the individual differe...

Kernel Methods and Multi-layer Perceptrons Learn Linear Models in High Dimensions

Empirical observation of high dimensional phenomena, such as the double ...

Paired Image to Image Translation for Strikethrough Removal From Handwritten Words

Transcribing struck-through, handwritten words, for example for the purp...

A Survey on RGB-D Datasets

RGB-D data is essential for solving many problems in computer vision. Hu...