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A Library for Representing Python Programs as Graphs for Machine Learning

Graph representations of programs are commonly a central element of mach...

StyleFaceV: Face Video Generation via Decomposing and Recomposing Pretrained StyleGAN3

Realistic generative face video synthesis has long been a pursuit in bot...

Z-BERT-A: a zero-shot Pipeline for Unknown Intent detection

Intent discovery is a fundamental task in NLP, and it is increasingly re...

An Efficient Multi-Scale Fusion Network for 3D Organ at Risk (OAR) Segmentation

Accurate segmentation of organs-at-risks (OARs) is a precursor for optim...

Uncertainty-guided Source-free Domain Adaptation

Source-free domain adaptation (SFDA) aims to adapt a classifier to an un...

Matching Multiple Perspectives for Efficient Representation Learning

Representation learning approaches typically rely on images of objects c...