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Basis for Intentions: Efficient Inverse Reinforcement Learning using Past Experience

This paper addresses the problem of inverse reinforcement learning (IRL)...

Bayesian Pseudo Labels: Expectation Maximization for Robust and Efficient Semi-Supervised Segmentation

This paper concerns pseudo labelling in segmentation. Our contribution i...

Why Do Networks Need Negative Weights?

Why do networks have negative weights at all? The answer is: to learn mo...

HRF-Net: Holistic Radiance Fields from Sparse Inputs

We present HRF-Net, a novel view synthesis method based on holistic radi...

Neural-Rendezvous: Learning-based Robust Guidance and Control to Encounter Interstellar Objects

Interstellar objects (ISOs), astronomical objects not gravitationally bo...

Occlusion-Aware Instance Segmentation via BiLayer Network Architectures

Segmenting highly-overlapping image objects is challenging, because ther...