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Perceptrons from Memristors

by   Francisco Silva, et al.
University of Lisbon
Instituto de Telecomunicações

Memristors, resistors with memory whose outputs depend on the history of their inputs, have been used with success in neuromorphic architectures, particularly as synapses or non-volatile memories. A neural network based on memristors could show advantages in terms of energy conservation and open up possibilities for other learning systems to be adapted to a memristor-based paradigm, both in the classical and quantum learning realms. No model for such a network has been proposed so far. Therefore, in order to fill this gap, we introduce models for single and multilayer perceptrons based on memristors. We adapt the delta rule to the memristor-based single-layer perceptron and the backpropagation algorithm to the memristor-based multilayer perceptron. We ran simulations of both the models and the training algorithms. These showed that both of them perform well and in accordance with Minsky-Papert's theorem, which motivates the possibility of building memristor-based hardware for a physical neural network.


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