Open-TransMind: A New Baseline and Benchmark for 1st Foundation Model Challenge of Intelligent Transportation

by   Yifeng Shi, et al.

With the continuous improvement of computing power and deep learning algorithms in recent years, the foundation model has grown in popularity. Because of its powerful capabilities and excellent performance, this technology is being adopted and applied by an increasing number of industries. In the intelligent transportation industry, artificial intelligence faces the following typical challenges: few shots, poor generalization, and a lack of multi-modal techniques. Foundation model technology can significantly alleviate the aforementioned issues. To address these, we designed the 1st Foundation Model Challenge, with the goal of increasing the popularity of foundation model technology in traffic scenarios and promoting the rapid development of the intelligent transportation industry. The challenge is divided into two tracks: all-in-one and cross-modal image retrieval. Furthermore, we provide a new baseline and benchmark for the two tracks, called Open-TransMind. According to our knowledge, Open-TransMind is the first open-source transportation foundation model with multi-task and multi-modal capabilities. Simultaneously, Open-TransMind can achieve state-of-the-art performance on detection, classification, and segmentation datasets of traffic scenarios. Our source code is available at


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