Neural Networks are Surprisingly Modular

by   Daniel Filan, et al.

The learned weights of a neural network are often considered devoid of scrutable internal structure. In order to attempt to discern structure in these weights, we introduce a measurable notion of modularity for multi-layer perceptrons (MLPs), and investigate the modular structure of MLPs trained on datasets of small images. Our notion of modularity comes from the graph clustering literature: a "module" is a set of neurons with strong internal connectivity but weak external connectivity. We find that MLPs that undergo training and weight pruning are often significantly more modular than random networks with the same distribution of weights. Interestingly, they are much more modular when trained with dropout. Further analysis shows that this modularity seems to arise mostly for networks trained on learnable datasets. We also present exploratory analyses of the importance of different modules for performance and how modules depend on each other. Understanding the modular structure of neural networks, when such structure exists, will hopefully render their inner workings more interpretable to engineers.


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