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Evolution of Quantum Computing: A Systematic Survey on the Use of Quantum Computing Tools

by   Paramita Basak Upama, et al.

Quantum Computing (QC) refers to an emerging paradigm that inherits and builds with the concepts and phenomena of Quantum Mechanic (QM) with the significant potential to unlock a remarkable opportunity to solve complex and computationally intractable problems that scientists could not tackle previously. In recent years, tremendous efforts and progress in QC mark a significant milestone in solving real-world problems much more efficiently than classical computing technology. While considerable progress is being made to move quantum computing in recent years, significant research efforts need to be devoted to move this domain from an idea to a working paradigm. In this paper, we conduct a systematic survey and categorize papers, tools, frameworks, platforms that facilitate quantum computing and analyze them from an application and Quantum Computing perspective. We present quantum Computing Layers, Characteristics of Quantum Computer platforms, Circuit Simulator, Open-source Tools Cirq, TensorFlow Quantum, ProjectQ that allow implementing quantum programs in Python using a powerful and intuitive syntax. Following that, we discuss the current essence, identify open challenges and provide future research direction. We conclude that scores of frameworks, tools and platforms are emerged in the past few years, improvement of currently available facilities would exploit the research activities in the quantum research community.


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