Edge Deep Learning Model Protection via Neuron Authorization

by   Jinyin Chen, et al.
Zhejiang University
Zhejiang University of Technology
NetEase, Inc

With the development of deep learning processors and accelerators, deep learning models have been widely deployed on edge devices as part of the Internet of Things. Edge device models are generally considered as valuable intellectual properties that are worth for careful protection. Unfortunately, these models have a great risk of being stolen or illegally copied. The existing model protections using encryption algorithms are suffered from high computation overhead which is not practical due to the limited computing capacity on edge devices. In this work, we propose a light-weight, practical, and general Edge device model Pro tection method at neuron level, denoted as EdgePro. Specifically, we select several neurons as authorization neurons and set their activation values to locking values and scale the neuron outputs as the "asswords" during training. EdgePro protects the model by ensuring it can only work correctly when the "passwords" are met, at the cost of encrypting and storing the information of the "passwords" instead of the whole model. Extensive experimental results indicate that EdgePro can work well on the task of protecting on datasets with different modes. The inference time increase of EdgePro is only 60 than 1 fine-tuning and pruning, which makes it more practical in real-world applications. EdgePro is also open sourced to facilitate future research: https://github.com/Leon022/Edg


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EdgePro: Edge Deep Learning Model Protection via Neuron Authorization

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