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X-Armed Bandits: Optimizing Quantiles and Other Risks

by   Léonard Torossian, et al.
ENS Lyon

We propose and analyze StoROO, an algorithm for risk optimization on stochastic black-box functions derived from StoOO. Motivated by risk-averse decision making fields like agriculture, medicine, biology or finance, we do not focus on the mean payoff but on generic functionals of the return distribution, like for example quantiles. We provide a generic regret analysis of StoROO. Inspired by the bandit literature and black-box mean optimizers, StoROO relies on the possibility to construct confidence intervals for the targeted functional based on random-size samples. We explain in detail how to construct them for quantiles, providing tight bounds based on Kullback-Leibler divergence. The interest of these tight bounds is highlighted by numerical experiments that show a dramatic improvement over standard approaches.


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