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VREUD – An End-User Development Tool to Simplify the Creation of Interactive VR Scenes

by   Enes Yigitbas, et al.

Recent advances in Virtual Reality (VR) technology and the increased availability of VR-equipped devices enable a wide range of consumer-oriented applications. For novice developers, however, creating interactive scenes for VR applications is a complex and cumbersome task that requires high technical knowledge which is often missing. This hinders the potential of enabling novices to create, modify, and execute their own interactive VR scenes. Although recent authoring tools for interactive VR scenes are promising, most of them focus on expert professionals as the target group and neglect the novices with low programming knowledge. To lower the entry barrier, we provide an open-source web-based End-User Development (EUD) tool, called VREUD, that supports the rapid construction and execution of interactive VR scenes. Concerning construction, VREUD enables the specification of the VR scene including interactions and tasks. Furthermore, VREUD supports the execution and immersive experience of the created interactive VR scenes on VR head-mounted displays. Based on a user study, we have analyzed the effectiveness, efficiency, and user satisfaction of VREUD which shows promising results to empower novices in creating their interactive VR scenes.


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