Voronoi diagram of orthogonal polyhedra in two and three dimensions

by   Ioannis Z. Emiris, et al.
University of Athens

Voronoi diagrams are a fundamental geometric data structure for obtaining proximity relations. We consider collections of axis-aligned orthogonal polyhedra in two and three-dimensional space under the max-norm, which is a particularly useful scenario in certain application domains. We construct the exact Voronoi diagram inside an orthogonal polyhedron with holes defined by such polyhedra. Our approach avoids creating full-dimensional elements on the Voronoi diagram and yields a skeletal representation of the input object. We introduce a complete algorithm in 2D and 3D that follows the subdivision paradigm relying on a bounding-volume hierarchy; this is an original approach to the problem. The complexity is adaptive and comparable to that of previous methods, namely linear in the number of sites, namely edges or facets resp. We also provide a numerically stable, open-source implementation in Julia, illustrating the practical nature of our algorithm.


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