Usable Security for ML Systems in Mental Health: A Framework

by   Helen Jiang, et al.

While the applications and demands of Machine learning (ML) systems in mental health are growing, there is little discussion nor consensus regarding a uniquely challenging aspect: building security methods and requirements into these ML systems, and keep the ML system usable for end-users. This question of usable security is very important, because the lack of consideration in either security or usability would hinder large-scale user adoption and active usage of ML systems in mental health applications. In this short paper, we introduce a framework of four pillars, and a set of desired properties which can be used to systematically guide and evaluate security-related designs, implementations, and deployments of ML systems for mental health. We aim to weave together threads from different domains, incorporate existing views, and propose new principles and requirements, in an effort to lay out a clear framework where criteria and expectations are established, and are used to make security mechanisms usable for end-users of those ML systems in mental health. Together with this framework, we present several concrete scenarios where different usable security cases and profiles in ML-systems in mental health applications are examined and evaluated.


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