Uniform recovery in infinite-dimensional compressed sensing and applications to structured binary sampling

by   Ben Adcock, et al.

Infinite-dimensional compressed sensing deals with the recovery of analog signals (functions) from linear measurements, often in the form of integral transforms such as the Fourier transform. This framework is well-suited to many real-world inverse problems, which are typically modelled in infinite-dimensional spaces, and where the application of finite-dimensional approaches can lead to noticeable artefacts. Another typical feature of such problems is that the signals are not only sparse in some dictionary, but possess a so-called local sparsity in levels structure. Consequently, the sampling scheme should be designed so as to exploit this additional structure. In this paper, we introduce a series of uniform recovery guarantees for infinite-dimensional compressed sensing based on sparsity in levels and so-called multilevel random subsampling. By using a weighted ℓ^1-regularizer we derive measurement conditions that are sharp up to log factors, in the sense they agree with those of certain oracle estimators. These guarantees also apply in finite dimensions, and improve existing results for unweighted ℓ^1-regularization. To illustrate our results, we consider the problem of binary sampling with the Walsh transform using orthogonal wavelets. Binary sampling is an important mechanism for certain imaging modalities. Through carefully estimating the local coherence between the Walsh and wavelet bases, we derive the first known recovery guarantees for this problem.


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