Uncertainty Quantification 360: A Holistic Toolkit for Quantifying and Communicating the Uncertainty of AI

06/02/2021 ∙ by Soumya Ghosh, et al. ∙ 107

In this paper, we describe an open source Python toolkit named Uncertainty Quantification 360 (UQ360) for the uncertainty quantification of AI models. The goal of this toolkit is twofold: first, to provide a broad range of capabilities to streamline as well as foster the common practices of quantifying, evaluating, improving, and communicating uncertainty in the AI application development lifecycle; second, to encourage further exploration of UQ's connections to other pillars of trustworthy AI such as fairness and transparency through the dissemination of latest research and education materials. Beyond the Python package (<https://github.com/IBM/UQ360>), we have developed an interactive experience (<http://uq360.mybluemix.net>) and guidance materials as educational tools to aid researchers and developers in producing and communicating high-quality uncertainties in an effective manner.



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