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TVM: An Automated End-to-End Optimizing Compiler for Deep Learning

by   Tianqi Chen, et al.

There is an increasing need to bring machine learning to a wide diversity of hardware devices. Current frameworks rely on vendor-specific operator libraries and optimize for a narrow range of server-class GPUs. Deploying workloads to new platforms such as mobile phones, embedded devices, and accelerators (e.g., FPGAs, ASICs) requires significant manual effort. We propose TVM, a compiler that exposes graph-level and operator-level optimizations to provide performance portability to deep learning workloads across diverse hardware back-ends. TVM solves optimization challenges specific to deep learning such as high-level operator fusion, mapping to arbitrary hardware primitives, and memory latency hiding. TVM also offers automated optimization of low-level programs to hardware characteristics by employing a novel learning-based cost modeling method for rapid exploration of code optimizations. Experimental results demonstrate that TVM delivers performance across hardware back-ends that are competitive with state-of-the-art hand-tuned libraries for low-power CPU, mobile GPU, and server-class GPUs. We also demonstrate TVM's ability to target new accelerator back-ends by targeting an FPGA-based generic deep learning accelerator. The system is open sourced and in production use inside several major companies.


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