Transaction Confirmation Time Prediction in Ethereum Blockchain Using Machine Learning

11/25/2019 ∙ by Harsh Jot Singh, et al. ∙ 0

Blockchain offers a decentralized, immutable, transparent system of records. It offers a peer-to-peer network of nodes with no centralised governing entity making it unhackable and therefore, more secure than the traditional paper-based or centralised system of records like banks etc. While there are certain advantages to the paper-based recording approach, it does not work well with digital relationships where the data is in constant flux. Unlike traditional channels, governed by centralized entities, blockchain offers its users a certain level of anonymity by providing capabilities to interact without disclosing their personal identities and allows them to build trust without a third-party governing entity. Due to the aforementioned characteristics of blockchain, more and more users around the globe are inclined towards making a digital transaction via blockchain than via rudimentary channels. Therefore, there is a dire need for us to gain insight on how these transactions are processed by the blockchain and how much time it may take for a peer to confirm a transaction and add it to the blockchain network. This paper presents a novel approach that would allow one to estimate the time, in block time or otherwise, it would take for a mining node to accept and confirm a transaction to a block using machine learning. The paper also aims to compare the predictive accuracy of two machine learning regression models- Random Forest Regressor and Multilayer Perceptron against previously proposed statistical regression model under a set evaluation criterion. The objective is to determine whether machine learning offers a more accurate predictive model than conventional statistical models. The proposed model results in improved accuracy in prediction.



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