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Towards A Complete Multi-Agent Pathfinding Algorithm For Large Agents

by   Stepan Dergachev, et al.
Institute for Systems Analysis of Russian Academy of Sciences
Higher School of Economics

Multi-agent pathfinding (MAPF) is a challenging problem which is hard to solve optimally even when simplifying assumptions are adopted, e.g. planar graphs (typically – grids), discretized time, uniform duration of move and wait actions etc. On the other hand, MAPF under such restrictive assumptions (also known as the Classical MAPF) is equivalent to the so-called pebble motion problem for which non-optimal polynomial time algorithms do exist. Recently, a body of works emerged that investigated MAPF beyond the basic setting and, in particular, considered agents of arbitrary size and shape. Still, to the best of our knowledge no complete algorithms for such MAPF variant exists. In this work we attempt to narrow this gap by considering MAPF for large agents and suggesting how this problem can be reduced to pebble motion on (general) graphs. The crux of this reduction is the procedure that moves away the agents away from the edge which is needed to perform a move action of the current agent. We consider different variants of how this procedure can be implemented and present a variant of the pebble motion algorithm which incorporates this procedure. Unfortunately, the algorithm is still incomplete, but empirically we show that it is able to solve much more MAPF instances (under the strict time limit) with large agents on arbitrary non-planar graphs (roadmaps) compared to the state-of-the-art MAPF solver – Continous Conflict-Based Search (CCBS).


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