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Three-dimensional propagation and time-reversal of fluorescence images

by   Yichen Wu, et al.

Unlike holography, fluorescence microscopy lacks an image propagation and time-reversal framework, which necessitates scanning of fluorescent objects to obtain 3D images. We demonstrate that a neural network can inherently learn the physical laws governing fluorescence wave propagation and time-reversal to enable 3D imaging of fluorescent samples using a single 2D image, without mechanical scanning, additional hardware, or a trade-off of resolution or speed. Using this data-driven framework, we increased the depth-of-field of a microscope by 20-fold, imaged Caenorhabditis elegans neurons in 3D using a single fluorescence image, and digitally propagated fluorescence images onto user-defined 3D surfaces, also correcting various aberrations. Furthermore, this learning-based approach cross-connects different imaging modalities, permitting 3D propagation of a wide-field fluorescence image to match confocal microscopy images acquired at different sample planes.


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Three-dimensional propagation and time-reversal of fluorescence images

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