The CEDAR Workbench: An Ontology-Assisted Environment for Authoring Metadata that Describe Scientific Experiments

by   Rafael S. Gonçalves, et al.

The Center for Expanded Data Annotation and Retrieval (CEDAR) aims to revolutionize the way that metadata describing scientific experiments are authored. The software we have developed–the CEDAR Workbench–is a suite of Web-based tools and REST APIs that allows users to construct metadata templates, to fill in templates to generate high-quality metadata, and to share and manage these resources. The CEDAR Workbench provides a versatile, REST-based environment for authoring metadata that are enriched with terms from ontologies. The metadata are available as JSON, JSON-LD, or RDF for easy integration in scientific applications and reusability on the Web. Users can leverage our APIs for validating and submitting metadata to external repositories. The CEDAR Workbench is freely available and open-source.



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