The Case for a Wholistic Serverless Programming Paradigm and Full Stack Automation for AI and Beyond – The Philosophy of Jaseci and Jac

by   Jason Mars, et al.

In this work, the case is made for a wholistic top-down re-envisioning of the system stack from the programming language level down through the system architecture to bridge this complexity gap. The key goal of our design is to address the critical need for the programmer to articulate solutions with higher level abstractions at the problem level while having the runtime system stack subsume and hide a broad scope of diffuse sub-applications and inter-machine resources. This work also presents the design of a production-grade realization of such a system stack architecture called Jaseci, and corresponding programming language Jac. Jac and Jaseci has been released as open source and has been leveraged by real product teams to accelerate developing and deploying sophisticated AI products and other applications at scale. Jac has been utilized in commercial production environments to accelerate AI development timelines by  10x, with the Jaseci runtime automating the decisions and optimizations typically falling in the scope of manual engineering roles on a team such as what should and should not be a microservice and changing those dynamically.


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