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Telepath: Understanding Users from a Human Vision Perspective in Large-Scale Recommender Systems

by   Yu Wang, et al.

Designing an e-commerce recommender system that serves hundreds of millions of active users is a daunting challenge. From a human vision perspective, there're two key factors that affect users' behaviors: items' attractiveness and their matching degree with users' interests. This paper proposes Telepath, a vision-based bionic recommender system model, which understands users from such perspective. Telepath is a combination of a convolutional neural network (CNN), a recurrent neural network (RNN) and deep neural networks (DNNs). Its CNN subnetwork simulates the human vision system to extract key visual signals of items' attractiveness and generate corresponding activations. Its RNN and DNN subnetworks simulate cerebral cortex to understand users' interest based on the activations generated from browsed items. In practice, the Telepath model has been launched to JD's recommender system and advertising system. For one of the major item recommendation blocks on the JD app, click-through rate (CTR), gross merchandise value (GMV) and orders have increased 1.59 respectively. For several major ads publishers of JD demand-side platform, CTR, GMV and return on investment have increased 6.58 respectively by the first launch, and further increased 2.95 41.37


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