Taming Self-Supervised Learning for Presentation Attack Detection: In-Image De-Folding and Out-of-Image De-Mixing

by   Haozhe Liu, et al.

Biometric systems are vulnerable to the Presentation Attacks (PA) performed using various Presentation Attack Instruments (PAIs). Even though there are numerous Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) techniques based on both deep learning and hand-crafted features, the generalization of PAD for unknown PAI is still a challenging problem. The common problem with existing deep learning-based PAD techniques is that they may struggle with local optima, resulting in weak generalization against different PAs. In this work, we propose to use self-supervised learning to find a reasonable initialization against local trap, so as to improve the generalization ability in detecting PAs on the biometric system.The proposed method, denoted as IF-OM, is based on a global-local view coupled with De-Folding and De-Mixing to derive the task-specific representation for PAD.During De-Folding, the proposed technique will learn region-specific features to represent samples in a local pattern by explicitly maximizing cycle consistency. While, De-Mixing drives detectors to obtain the instance-specific features with global information for more comprehensive representation by maximizing topological consistency. Extensive experimental results show that the proposed method can achieve significant improvements in terms of both face and fingerprint PAD in more complicated and hybrid datasets, when compared with the state-of-the-art methods. Specifically, when training in CASIA-FASD and Idiap Replay-Attack, the proposed method can achieve 18.60 baseline performance by 9.54


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