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Padding (Machine Learning)

What is Padding in Machine Learning?

Padding is a term relevant to convolutional neural networks as it refers to the amount of pixels added to an image when it is being processed by the kernel of a CNN. For example, if the padding in a CNN is set to zero, then every pixel value that is added will be of value zero. If, however, the zero padding is set to one, there will be a one pixel border added to the image with a pixel value of zero.


How does Padding work?

Padding works by extending the area of which a convolutional neural network processes an image. The kernel is the neural networks filter which moves across the image, scanning each pixel and converting the data into a smaller, or sometimes larger, format. In order to assist the kernel with processing the image, padding is added to the frame of the image to allow for more space for the kernel to cover the image. Adding padding to an image processed by a CNN allows for more accurate analysis of images.