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SuperDeConFuse: A Supervised Deep Convolutional Transform based Fusion Framework for Financial Trading Systems

by   Pooja Gupta, et al.

This work proposes a supervised multi-channel time-series learning framework for financial stock trading. Although many deep learning models have recently been proposed in this domain, most of them treat the stock trading time-series data as 2-D image data, whereas its true nature is 1-D time-series data. Since the stock trading systems are multi-channel data, many existing techniques treating them as 1-D time-series data are not suggestive of any technique to effectively fusion the information carried by the multiple channels. To contribute towards both of these shortcomings, we propose an end-to-end supervised learning framework inspired by the previously established (unsupervised) convolution transform learning framework. Our approach consists of processing the data channels through separate 1-D convolution layers, then fusing the outputs with a series of fully-connected layers, and finally applying a softmax classification layer. The peculiarity of our framework - SuperDeConFuse (SDCF), is that we remove the nonlinear activation located between the multi-channel convolution layers and the fully-connected layers, as well as the one located between the latter and the output layer. We compensate for this removal by introducing a suitable regularization on the aforementioned layer outputs and filters during the training phase. Specifically, we apply a logarithm determinant regularization on the layer filters to break symmetry and force diversity in the learnt transforms, whereas we enforce the non-negativity constraint on the layer outputs to mitigate the issue of dead neurons. This results in the effective learning of a richer set of features and filters with respect to a standard convolutional neural network. Numerical experiments confirm that the proposed model yields considerably better results than state-of-the-art deep learning techniques for real-world problem of stock trading.


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