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Stance Detection on Tweets: An SVM-based Approach

by   Dilek Küçük, et al.
Bilkent University

Stance detection is a subproblem of sentiment analysis where the stance of the author of a piece of natural language text for a particular target (either explicitly stated in the text or not) is explored. The stance output is usually given as Favor, Against, or Neither. In this paper, we target at stance detection on sports-related tweets and present the performance results of our SVM-based stance classifiers on such tweets. First, we describe three versions of our proprietary tweet data set annotated with stance information, all of which are made publicly available for research purposes. Next, we evaluate SVM classifiers using different feature sets for stance detection on this data set. The employed features are based on unigrams, bigrams, hashtags, external links, emoticons, and lastly, named entities. The results indicate that joint use of the features based on unigrams, hashtags, and named entities by SVM classifiers is a plausible approach for stance detection problem on sports-related tweets.


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