Sentiment Analysis API

by Stanford NLP 159

This sentiment analysis API extracts sentiment in a given string of text. Sentiment analysis, also called 'opinion mining', uses natural language processing, text analysis and computational linguistics to identify and detect subjective information from the input text. This algorithm classifies each sentence in the input as very negative, negative, neutral, positive, or very positive.

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API Docs
curl \
    -F 'text=YOUR_TEXT_URL' \
    -H 'api-key:YOUR_API_KEY' \ 

Sentiment Analysis

automated at scale

Extract sentiment from massive datasets of text quickly.

Opinion Mining

with deep learning

Use this sentiment analysis model to extract sentiment from every sentence.

Text Mining

with sentiment analysis

With a sentiment analysis API, you can mine bodies of text to extract sentiment with ease.

Algorithmic Trading using Sentiment Analysis on News Articles

Using sentiment analysis, you can weight the overall positivity or negativity of a news article based on sentiment extracted sentence-by-sentence. With this subjective information extracted from either the article headline or news article text, you can weight news sentiment into you algorithmic trading strategy to better optimize buying and selling decisions.

Extract Sentiment from Customer Reviews

Analyze the sentiment of customer reviews or survey responses at scale with automatic sentiment analysis. You can weight the overall sentiment of the text by averaging the predicted sentiment of each sentence in a user's review, or by analyzing the review headline.