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Spectrogram Inpainting for Interactive Generation of Instrument Sounds

by   Théis Bazin, et al.

Modern approaches to sound synthesis using deep neural networks are hard to control, especially when fine-grained conditioning information is not available, hindering their adoption by musicians. In this paper, we cast the generation of individual instrumental notes as an inpainting-based task, introducing novel and unique ways to iteratively shape sounds. To this end, we propose a two-step approach: first, we adapt the VQ-VAE-2 image generation architecture to spectrograms in order to convert real-valued spectrograms into compact discrete codemaps, we then implement token-masked Transformers for the inpainting-based generation of these codemaps. We apply the proposed architecture on the NSynth dataset on masked resampling tasks. Most crucially, we open-source an interactive web interface to transform sounds by inpainting, for artists and practitioners alike, opening up to new, creative uses.


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