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Sparse matrix-vector multiplication on GPGPU clusters: A new storage format and a scalable implementation

by   Moritz Kreutzer, et al.

Sparse matrix-vector multiplication (spMVM) is the dominant operation in many sparse solvers. We investigate performance properties of spMVM with matrices of various sparsity patterns on the nVidia "Fermi" class of GPGPUs. A new "padded jagged diagonals storage" (pJDS) format is proposed which may substantially reduce the memory overhead intrinsic to the widespread ELLPACK-R scheme. In our test scenarios the pJDS format cuts the overall spMVM memory footprint on the GPGPU by up to 70 Using a suitable performance model we identify performance bottlenecks on the node level that invalidate some types of matrix structures for efficient multi-GPGPU parallelization. For appropriate sparsity patterns we extend previous work on distributed-memory parallel spMVM to demonstrate a scalable hybrid MPI-GPGPU code, achieving efficient overlap of communication and computation.


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