Small Boxes Big Data: A Deep Learning Approach to Optimize Variable Sized Bin Packing

02/14/2017 ∙ by Feng Mao, et al. ∙ 0

Bin Packing problems have been widely studied because of their broad applications in different domains. Known as a set of NP-hard problems, they have different vari- ations and many heuristics have been proposed for obtaining approximate solutions. Specifically, for the 1D variable sized bin packing problem, the two key sets of optimization heuristics are the bin assignment and the bin allocation. Usually the performance of a single static optimization heuristic can not beat that of a dynamic one which is tailored for each bin packing instance. Building such an adaptive system requires modeling the relationship between bin features and packing perform profiles. The primary drawbacks of traditional AI machine learnings for this task are the natural limitations of feature engineering, such as the curse of dimensionality and feature selection quality. We introduce a deep learning approach to overcome the drawbacks by applying a large training data set, auto feature selection and fast, accurate labeling. We show in this paper how to build such a system by both theoretical formulation and engineering practices. Our prediction system achieves up to 89 best heuristic that can generate a better quality bin packing solution.



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