Scalable Model-Based Management of Correlated Dimensional Time Series in ModelarDB

by   Søren Kejser Jensen, et al.

To monitor critical infrastructure, high quality sensors sampled at a high frequency are increasingly installed. However, due to the big amounts of data produced, only simple aggregates are stored. This removes outliers and hides fluctuations that could indicate problems. As a solution we propose compressing time series with dimensions using a model-based method we name Multi-model Group Compression (MMGC). MMGC adaptively compresses groups of correlated time series with dimensions using an extensible set of models within a user-defined error bound (possibly zero). To partition time series into groups, we propose a set of primitives for efficiently describing correlation for data sets of varying sizes. We also propose efficient query processing algorithms for executing multi-dimensional aggregate queries on models instead of data points. Last, we provide an open-source implementation of our methods as extensions to the model-based Time Series Management System (TSMS) ModelarDB. ModelarDB interfaces with the stock versions of Apache Spark and Apache Cassandra and thus can reuse existing infrastructure. Through an evaluation we show that, compared to widely used systems, our extended ModelarDB provides up to 11 times faster ingestion due to high compression, 65 times better compression due to the adaptivity of MMGC, 92 times faster aggregate queries as they are executed on models, and close to linear scalability while also being extensible and supporting online query processing.


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