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ROS-NetSim: A Framework for the Integration of Robotic and Network Simulators

by   Miguel Calvo-Fullana, et al.

Multi-agent systems play an important role in modern robotics. Due to the nature of these systems, coordination among agents via communication is frequently necessary. Indeed, Perception-Action-Communication (PAC) loops, or Perception-Action loops closed over a communication channel, are a critical component of multi-robot systems. However, we lack appropriate tools for simulating PAC loops. To that end, in this paper, we introduce ROS-NetSim, a ROS package that acts as an interface between robotic and network simulators. With ROS-NetSim, we can attain high-fidelity representations of both robotic and network interactions by accurately simulating the PAC loop. Our proposed approach is lightweight, modular and adaptive. Furthermore, it can be used with many available network and physics simulators by making use of our proposed interface. In summary, ROS-NetSim is (i) Transparent to the ROS target application, (ii) Agnostic to the specific network and physics simulator being used, and (iii) Tunable in fidelity and complexity. As part of our contribution, we have made available an open-source implementation of ROS-NetSim to the community.


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