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Resilience Enhancement at Edge Cloud Systems

by   Jose Moura, et al.

It is becoming common practice to push interactive and location-based services from remote datacenters to resource-constrained edge domains. This trend creates new management challenges at the network edge, not least to ensure resilience. These challenges now need to be investigated and overcome. In this paper, we explore the use of open-source programmable asset orchestration at edge cloud systems to guarantee operational resilience and a satisfactory performance level despite system incidents such as faults, congestion, or cyber-attacks. We discuss the design and deployment of a new cross-level configurable solution, Resilient Edge Cloud Systems (RECS). Results from appropriate tests made on RECS highlight the positive effects of deploying novel service and resource management algorithms at both data and control planes of the programmable edge system to mitigate against disruptive events such as control channel issues, service overload, or link congestion. RECS offers the following benefits: i) the switch automatically selects the standalone operation mode after its disconnection from the upper-level controllers; ii) deployment of edge virtualized services is made, according to client requests; iii) the client requests are served by edge services and the related traffic is balanced among the alternative on-demand routing paths to the edge location where each service is available for its clients; iv) the TCP traffic quality is protected from unfair competitiveness of UDP flows; and v) a set of redundant controllers is orchestrated by a top-level multi-thread cluster manager, using a novel management protocol with low overhead.


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