Research on dynamic target detection and tracking system of hexapod robot

12/04/2019 ∙ by Dexin Wang, et al. ∙ 0

Dynamic target detection and target tracking are hot issues in the field of image. In order to explore its application value in the field of mobile robot, a dynamic target detection and tracking system is designed based on hexapod robot. Firstly, the dynamic target detection method is introduced with region merging and adaptive external point filtering based on motion compensation method. This method achieves the accurate compensation of the moving background through symmetric matching and adaptive external point filtering, and achieves complete detection of non-rigid objects by region merging. Secondly, the application of target tracking algorithm based on KCF in hexapod robot platform is studied, and the Angle tracking of moving target is realized by adaptive adjustment of tracking speed. The last, the architecture of robot monitoring system is designed, which consists of operator, processor, hexapod robot and vision sensor, and the moving object detection and tracking algorithm proposed in this paper is applied to the system. The experimental results show that the improved algorithm can effectively detect and track the moving target when applied to the system of the mobile hexapod robot.



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