Research Focused Software Development Kits and Wearable Devices in Physical Activity Research

by   Jason Tsang, et al.

Introduction: The Canadian Guidelines recommend physical activity for overall health benefits, including cognitive, emotional, functional, and physical health. However, traditional research methods are inefficient and outdated. This paper aims to guide researchers in enhancing their research methods using software development kits and wearable smart devices. Methods: A generic model application was transformed into a research-based mobile application based on the UCLA researchers who collaborated with Apple. First, the research question and goals were identified. Then, three open-source software development kits (SDKs) were used to modify the generic model into the desired application. ResearchKit was used for informed consent, surveys, and active tasks. CareKit was the protocol manager to create participant protocols and track progress. Finally, HealthKit was used to access and share health-related data. The content expert evaluated the application, and the participant experience was optimized for easy use. The collected health-related data were analyzed to identify any significant findings. Results: Wearable health devices offer a convenient and non-invasive way to monitor and track health-related information. Conclusion: Leveraging the data provided by wearable devices, researchers can gain insights into the effectiveness of interventions and inform the development of evidence-based physical activity guidelines. The use of software development kits and wearable devices can enhance research methods and provide valuable insights into overall health benefits.


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