Redesign of web-based exam for knowledge evaluation in Advanced Mathematics for pharmaceutical students based on analysis of the results

by   Hristo Manev, et al.

The usage of the information technologies everywhere leads to demands for new manners of education. Modern e-learning environments lead the teaching, the learning and the evaluation of acquired knowledge and skills of the students to a new era. The students' motivation for e-learning is considered. The course of Advanced Mathematics is part of the curriculum of pharmaceutical students at the Medical University - Plovdiv. For students' knowledge evaluation it is used a hybrid-type exam in this university discipline, i.e. a problems-solving part and a remote web-based test which is created using the free and open-source e-educational platform Moodle. This paper presents a detailed analysis of the implemented electronic test for knowledge evaluation of the students, using statistical methods and instruments. The questions included in the test and the respective answers given by the students are estimated and analysed. Thus, it is made an improvement of the database of the test questions. The received results are used to enhance the quality of the developed knowledge evaluation and the type of its implementation.



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