Recognition of Pyralidae Insects Using Intelligent Monitoring Autonomous Robot Vehicle in Natural Farm Scene

by   Boyi Liu, et al.

The Pyralidae pests, such as corn borer and rice leaf roller, are main pests in economic crops. The timely detection and identification of Pyralidae pests is a critical task for agriculturists and farmers. However, the traditional identification of pests by humans is labor intensive and inefficient. To tackle the challenges, a pest monitoring autonomous robot vehicle and a method to recognize Pyralidae pests are presented in this paper. Firstly, the robot on autonomous vehicle collects images by performing camera sensing in natural farm scene. Secondly, the total probability image can be obtained by using inverse histogram mapping, and then the object contour of Pyralidae pests can be extracted quickly and accurately with the constrained Otsu method. Finally, by employing Hu moment and the perimeter and area characteristics, the correct contours of objects can be drawn, and the recognition results can be obtained by comparing them with the reference templates of Pyralidae pests. Additionally, the moving speed of the mechanical arms on the vehicle can be adjusted adaptively by interacting with the recognition algorithm. The experimental results demonstrate that the robot vehicle can automatically capture pest images, and can achieve 94.3% recognition accuracy in natural farm planting scene.



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