Real-time Detection of Practical Universal Adversarial Perturbations

05/16/2021 ∙ by Kenneth T. Co, et al. ∙ 18

Universal Adversarial Perturbations (UAPs) are a prominent class of adversarial examples that exploit the systemic vulnerabilities and enable physically realizable and robust attacks against Deep Neural Networks (DNNs). UAPs generalize across many different inputs; this leads to realistic and effective attacks that can be applied at scale. In this paper we propose HyperNeuron, an efficient and scalable algorithm that allows for the real-time detection of UAPs by identifying suspicious neuron hyper-activations. Our results show the effectiveness of HyperNeuron on multiple tasks (image classification, object detection), against a wide variety of universal attacks, and in realistic scenarios, like perceptual ad-blocking and adversarial patches. HyperNeuron is able to simultaneously detect both adversarial mask and patch UAPs with comparable or better performance than existing UAP defenses whilst introducing a significantly reduced latency of only 0.86 milliseconds per image. This suggests that many realistic and practical universal attacks can be reliably mitigated in real-time, which shows promise for the robust deployment of machine learning systems.



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