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Real-time Collaboration Between Mixed Reality Users in Geo-referenced Virtual Environment

by   Shubham Singh, et al.

Collaboration using mixed reality technology is an active area of research, where significant research is done to virtually bridge physical distances. There exist a diverse set of platforms and devices that can be used for a mixed-reality collaboration, and is largely focused for indoor scenarios, where, a stable tracking can be assumed. We focus on supporting collaboration between VR and AR users, where AR user is mobile outdoors, and VR user is immersed in true-sized digital twin. This cross-platform solution requires new user experiences for interaction, accurate modelling of the real-world, and working with noisy outdoor tracking sensor such as GPS. In this paper, we present our results and observations of real-time collaboration between cross-platform users, in the context of a geo-referenced virtual environment. We propose a solution for using GPS measurement in VSLAM to localize the AR user in an outdoor environment. The client applications enable VR and AR user to collaborate across the heterogeneous platforms seamlessly. The user can place or load dynamic contents tagged to a geolocation and share their experience with remote users in real-time.


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