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RDMA Performance Isolation With Justitia

by   Yiwen Zhang, et al.

Despite its increasing popularity, most of RDMA's benefits such as ultra-low latency can be achieved only when running an application in isolation. Using microbenchmarks and real open-source RDMA applications, we identify a series of performance anomalies when multiple applications coexist and show that such anomalies are pervasive across InfiniBand, RoCEv2, and iWARP. They arise due to a fundamental tradeoff between performance isolation and work conservation, which the state-of-the-art RDMA congestion control protocols such as DCQCN cannot resolve. We present Justitia to address these performance anomalies. Justitia is a software-only, host-based, and easy-to-deploy solution that maximizes RNIC utilization while guaranteeing performance isolation via shaping, rate limiting, and pacing at senders. Our evaluation of Justitia on multiple RDMA implementations show that Justitia effectively isolates different types of traffic and significantly improves latency (by up to 56.9x) and throughput (by up to 9.7x) of real-world RDMA-based applications without compromising low CPU usage or modifying the applications.


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