Random Forest Classifier based Scheduler Optimization for Search Engine Web Crawlers

by   Dulani Meedeniya, et al.

The backbone of every search engine is the set of web crawlers, which go through all indexed web pages and update the search indexes with fresh copies, if there are changes. The crawling process provides optimum search results by keeping the indexes refreshed and up to date. This requires an "ideal scheduler" to crawl each web page immediately after a change occurs. Creating an optimum scheduler is possible when the web crawler has information about how often a particular change occurs. This paper discusses a novel methodology to determine the change frequency of a web page using machine learning and server scheduling techniques. The methodology has been evaluated with 3000+ web pages with various changing patterns. The results indicate how Information Access (IA) and Performance Gain (PG) are balanced out to zero in order to create an optimum crawling schedule for search engine indexing.


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