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Quantile Online Learning for Semiconductor Failure Analysis

by   Bangjian Zhou, et al.

With high device integration density and evolving sophisticated device structures in semiconductor chips, detecting defects becomes elusive and complex. Conventionally, machine learning (ML)-guided failure analysis is performed with offline batch mode training. However, the occurrence of new types of failures or changes in the data distribution demands retraining the model. During the manufacturing process, detecting defects in a single-pass online fashion is more challenging and favoured. This paper focuses on novel quantile online learning for semiconductor failure analysis. The proposed method is applied to semiconductor device-level defects: FinFET bridge defect, GAA-FET bridge defect, GAA-FET dislocation defect, and a public database: SECOM. From the obtained results, we observed that the proposed method is able to perform better than the existing methods. Our proposed method achieved an overall accuracy of 86.66 improves 15.50


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