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PySDM v1: particle-based cloud modelling package for warm-rain microphysics and aqueous chemistry

by   Piotr Bartman, et al.

PySDM is an open-source Python package for simulating the dynamics of particles undergoing condensational and collisional growth, interacting with a fluid flow and subject to chemical composition changes. It is intended to serve as a building block for process-level as well as computational-fluid-dynamics simulation systems involving representation of a continuous phase (air) and a dispersed phase (aerosol), with PySDM being responsible for representation of the dispersed phase. The PySDM package core is a Pythonic high-performance implementation of the Super-Droplet Method (SDM) Monte-Carlo algorithm for representing collisional growth, hence the name. PySDM has two alternative parallel number-crunching backends available: multi-threaded CPU backend based on Numba and GPU-resident backend built on top of ThrustRTC. The usage examples are built on top of four simple atmospheric cloud modelling frameworks: box, adiabatic parcel, single-column and 2D prescribed flow kinematic models. In addition, the package ships with tutorial code depicting how PySDM can be used from Julia and Matlab.


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