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pymgrid: An Open-Source Python Microgrid Simulator for Applied Artificial Intelligence Research

by   Gonzague Henri, et al.

Microgrids, self contained electrical grids that are capable of disconnecting from the main grid, hold potential in both tackling climate change mitigation via reducing CO2 emissions and adaptation by increasing infrastructure resiliency. Due to their distributed nature, microgrids are often idiosyncratic; as a result, control of these systems is nontrivial. While microgrid simulators exist, many are limited in scope and in the variety of microgrids they can simulate. We propose pymgrid, an open-source Python package to generate and simulate a large number of microgrids, and the first open-source tool that can generate more than 600 different microgrids. pymgrid abstracts most of the domain expertise, allowing users to focus on control algorithms. In particular, pymgrid is built to be a reinforcement learning (RL) platform, and includes the ability to model microgrids as Markov decision processes. pymgrid also introduces two pre-computed list of microgrids, intended to allow for research reproducibility in the microgrid setting.


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pymgrid is a python library to generate and simulate a large number of microgrids.

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