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Prototype Open-Source Software Stack for the Reduction of False Positives and Negatives in the Detection of Cyber Indicators of Compromise and Attack: Hybridized Log Analysis Corre

by   stevechan, et al.

A prototypical solution stack (Solution Stack #1) with chosen Open-Source Software (OSS) components for an experiment was enhanced by hybridized OSS amalgams (e.g., Suricata and Sagan; Kubernetes, Nomad, Cloudify and Helios; MineMeld and Hector) and supplemented by select modified algorithms (e.g., modified N-Input Voting Algorithm [NIVA] modules and a modified Fault Tolerant Averaging Algorithm [FTAA] module) leveraged by ensemble method machine learning. The preliminary results of the prototype solution stack (Stack #2) indicate a reduction, with regards to cyber Indicators of Compromise (IOC) and indicators of attack (IOA), of false positives by approximately 15% and false negatives by approximately 47%.


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