Prevention and Resolution of Conflicts in Social Navigation – a Survey

06/23/2021 ∙ by Reuth Mirsky, et al. ∙ 3

With the approaching goal of having robots collaborate in shared human-robot environments, navigation in this context becomes both crucial and desirable. Recent developments in robotics have encountered and tackled some of the challenges of navigating in mixed human-robot environments, and in recent years we observe a surge of related work that specifically targets the question of how to handle conflicts between agents in social navigation. These contributions offer models, algorithms, and evaluation metrics, however as this research area is inherently interdisciplinary, many of the relevant papers are not comparable and there is no standard vocabulary between the researchers. The main goal of this survey is to bridge this gap by proposing such a common language, using it to survey existing work, and highlighting open problems. It starts by defining a conflict in social navigation, and offers a detailed taxonomy of its components. This survey then maps existing work while discussing papers using the framing of the proposed taxonomy. Finally, this paper propose some future directions and problems that are currently in the frontier of social navigation to help focus research efforts.



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