Predictive Coding Based Multiscale Network with Encoder-Decoder LSTM for Video Prediction

by   Chaofan Ling, et al.

We are introducing a multi-scale predictive model for video prediction here, whose design is inspired by the "Predictive Coding" theories and "Coarse to Fine" approach. As a predictive coding model, it is updated by a combination of bottom-up and top-down information flows, which is different from traditional bottom-up training style. Its advantage is to reduce the dependence on input information and improve its ability to predict and generate images. Importantly, we achieve with a multi-scale approach – higher level neurons generate coarser predictions (lower resolution), while the lower level generate finer predictions (higher resolution). This is different from the traditional predictive coding framework in which higher level predict the activity of neurons in lower level. To improve the predictive ability, we integrate an encoder-decoder network in the LSTM architecture and share the final encoded high-level semantic information between different levels. Additionally, since the output of each network level is an RGB image, a smaller LSTM hidden state can be used to retain and update the only necessary hidden information, avoiding being mapped to an overly discrete and complex space. In this way, we can reduce the difficulty of prediction and the computational overhead. Finally, we further explore the training strategies, to address the instability in adversarial training and mismatch between training and testing in long-term prediction. Code is available at


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