Prediction-aware and Reinforcement Learning based Altruistic Cooperative Driving

by   Rodolfo Valiente, et al.

Autonomous vehicle (AV) navigation in the presence of Human-driven vehicles (HVs) is challenging, as HVs continuously update their policies in response to AVs. In order to navigate safely in the presence of complex AV-HV social interactions, the AVs must learn to predict these changes. Humans are capable of navigating such challenging social interaction settings because of their intrinsic knowledge about other agents behaviors and use that to forecast what might happen in the future. Inspired by humans, we provide our AVs the capability of anticipating future states and leveraging prediction in a cooperative reinforcement learning (RL) decision-making framework, to improve safety and robustness. In this paper, we propose an integration of two essential and earlier-presented components of AVs: social navigation and prediction. We formulate the AV decision-making process as a RL problem and seek to obtain optimal policies that produce socially beneficial results utilizing a prediction-aware planning and social-aware optimization RL framework. We also propose a Hybrid Predictive Network (HPN) that anticipates future observations. The HPN is used in a multi-step prediction chain to compute a window of predicted future observations to be used by the value function network (VFN). Finally, a safe VFN is trained to optimize a social utility using a sequence of previous and predicted observations, and a safety prioritizer is used to leverage the interpretable kinematic predictions to mask the unsafe actions, constraining the RL policy. We compare our prediction-aware AV to state-of-the-art solutions and demonstrate performance improvements in terms of efficiency and safety in multiple simulated scenarios.


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