Predicting gender of Brazilian names using deep learning

06/18/2021 ∙ by Rosana C. B. Rego, et al. ∙ 0

Predicting gender by the name is not a simple task. In many applications, especially in the natural language processing (NLP) field, this task may be necessary, mainly when considering foreign names. Some machine learning algorithms can satisfactorily perform the prediction. In this paper, we examined and implemented feedforward and recurrent deep neural network models, such as MLP, RNN, GRU, CNN, and BiLSTM, to classify gender through the first name. A dataset of Brazilian names is used to train and evaluate the models. We analyzed the accuracy, recall, precision, and confusion matrix to measure the models' performances. The results indicate that the gender prediction can be performed from the feature extraction strategy looking at the names as a set of strings. Some models accurately predict the gender in more than 90 cases. The recurrent models overcome the feedforward models in this binary classification problem.



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