PP-StructureV2: A Stronger Document Analysis System

by   Chenxia Li, et al.

A large amount of document data exists in unstructured form such as raw images without any text information. Designing a practical document image analysis system is a meaningful but challenging task. In previous work, we proposed an intelligent document analysis system PP-Structure. In order to further upgrade the function and performance of PP-Structure, we propose PP-StructureV2 in this work, which contains two subsystems: Layout Information Extraction and Key Information Extraction. Firstly, we integrate Image Direction Correction module and Layout Restoration module to enhance the functionality of the system. Secondly, 8 practical strategies are utilized in PP-StructureV2 for better performance. For Layout Analysis model, we introduce ultra light-weight detector PP-PicoDet and knowledge distillation algorithm FGD for model lightweighting, which increased the inference speed by 11 times with comparable mAP. For Table Recognition model, we utilize PP-LCNet, CSP-PAN and SLAHead to optimize the backbone module, feature fusion module and decoding module, respectively, which improved the table structure accuracy by 6% with comparable inference speed. For Key Information Extraction model, we introduce VI-LayoutXLM which is a visual-feature independent LayoutXLM architecture, TB-YX sorting algorithm and U-DML knowledge distillation algorithm, which brought 2.8% and 9.1% improvement respectively on the Hmean of Semantic Entity Recognition and Relation Extraction tasks. All the above mentioned models and code are open-sourced in the GitHub repository PaddleOCR.


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