PlanSys2: A Planning System Framework for ROS2

by   Francisco Martín, et al.

Autonomous robots need to plan the tasks they carry out to fulfill their missions. The missions' increasing complexity does not let human designers anticipate all the possible situations, so traditional control systems based on state machines are not enough. This paper contains a description of the ROS2 Planning System (PlanSys2 in short), a framework for symbolic planning that incorporates novel approaches for execution on robots working in demanding environments. PlanSys2 aims to be the reference task planning framework in ROS2, the latest version of the de facto standard in robotics software development. Among its main features, it can be highlighted the optimized execution, based on Behavior Trees, of plans through a new actions auction protocol and its multi-robot planning capabilities. It already has a small but growing community of users and developers, and this document is a summary of the design and capabilities of this project.



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