PH-GCN: Person Re-identification with Part-based Hierarchical Graph Convolutional Network

by   Bo Jiang, et al.

The person re-identification (Re-ID) task requires to robustly extract feature representations for person images. Recently, part-based representation models have been widely studied for extracting the more compact and robust feature representations for person images to improve person Re-ID results. However, existing part-based representation models mostly extract the features of different parts independently which ignore the relationship information between different parts. To overcome this limitation, in this paper we propose a novel deep learning framework, named Part-based Hierarchical Graph Convolutional Network (PH-GCN) for person Re-ID problem. Given a person image, PH-GCN first constructs a hierarchical graph to represent the pairwise relationships among different parts. Then, both local and global feature learning are performed by the messages passing in PH-GCN, which takes other nodes information into account for part feature representation. Finally, a perceptron layer is adopted for the final person part label prediction and re-identification. The proposed framework provides a general solution that integrates local, global and structural feature learning simultaneously in a unified end-to-end network. Extensive experiments on several benchmark datasets demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed PH-GCN based Re-ID approach.



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